About me


Here are a few lines about me and the idea behind Happy Suitcase.

I am probably a very ordinary guy who got an idea after travelling a lot around the world. My trips have given me a great number of wonderful memories, but I have also seen the backsides of the beautiful places, where children and young people not always get a good start in life. You only need to go 2 - 3 blocks away from the shopping streets to discover the poverty in which many children and young people live. 

My hope is that a safe childhood, together with education could make a change to the better for the children and young persons. To achive this I need your help! A big help for a child can be a school bag, a pair of shoes, a shirt, a dress, a pair of trousers… it's all up to you.

I myself have friends and family helping me with tips and good ideas for Happy Suitcase.


All the best / Rickard Moller Vellinge Sweden with Friends