What is happy suitcase ?

Happy Suitcase is a non-political free site that contains information for travellers who choose to use extra space in 
their suitcases to deliver gifts to relieve poverty. Our receivers are children and young people in schools and orphanages worldwide. We are keeping an active dialogue with our contacts to ensure best possible delivery at no cost.
Delivery door to door - 100% delivery.
                                 Bring gifts to children in need 
You are packing your suitcase for a long-awaited vacation trip and find that you have extra space in your bag. Why not take advantage of the baggage allowance to bring something extra to the children and young in need in the country you are to visit? 
Our mission at Happy Suitcase is to help you to find the right receivers. This can apply to a school or an orphanage, for example an address, phone number, contact person. 
But above all we keep in touch with our receivers and check what is most in demand.
When you get to your hotel, you have two options. 
Either you call directly to the school or orphanage and ask the contact person to pick up your package. 
Or why not make a personal visit to deliver your package, take some pictures and write a few lines about the receiver? Then send your pictures and text to Happy Suitcase and we will happy to put it up on this page!
Delivery door to door that actually arrives, it can not get much better! 
Right now we are looking for more receivers at schools and orphanages. Please help us with suggestions! 
Click into the tip box and help us to relieve poverty.
                            About us
Here are a few lines about me and the idea behind Happy Suitcase.
I am probably a very ordinary guy who got an idea after travelling a lot around the world. My trips have given me a great number of wonderful memories, but I have also seen the backsides of the beautiful places, where children and young people not always get a good start in life. You only need to go 2 - 3 blocks away from the shopping streets to discover the poverty in which many children and young people live. 
My hope is that a safe childhood, together with education could make a change to the better for the children and young persons. To achive this I need your help! A big help for a child can be a school bag, a pair of shoes, a shirt, a dress, a pair of trousers… it's all up to you.
I myself have friends and family helping me with tips and good ideas for Happy Suitcase.
All the best / Rickard Moller Vellinge Sweden with Friends

If you have tips about schools and orphanages that might need help, please contact us at:               contact@happysuitcase.com

As much information as possible is obviously an advantage when we contact the school or orphanage. Below are instructions about information we need but do not hesitate to send in tips even if you do not have all the information requested.

Name of school or orphanage

English speaking person





What is needed

If everyone always took a "happy suitcase" to children in need, we can together alleviating poverty.