Muang Mai

We currently have a home for children and families that can house approx. 50 children and 15 relatives.
We have a lush and cozy walled-in yard. Within this yard we have a wonderful big lawn, where the kids frequently play soccer and volleyball. We also have Salas, or bamboo-gazebos, that offer us a cool spot in the shade where we can just sit and talk, read, do homework, or simply relax. In addition, we have a playground, where the kids can run around, and a beautiful pagoda for anyone seeking some spiritual calm and contemplation.
We have a computer room/class room where our children can do homework and where we also can tutor the children in Thai, Mathematics, and English. We have a playroom that the children have painted and decorated on their own and which currently is a little aquarium, as colorful fish adorn the walls. And we have a common dining hall where all the children, relatives, employees, and volunteers eat their meals together.

But above all, we have our wonderful children, who breathe life into these living and recreational spaces, imbuing them with importance. Indeed, as the children grow and learn, they fill each space with life and joy, giving them a purpose.
But any existing space or structure that is important to a child needs to be maintained and cared for, and that is the reality we are faced with today. We need continuous support for the maintenance and daily operations of Barnhem.  
Proper support would provide all of our children with the meals they need to grow and flourish. It would provide our children with the school uniforms and text books they need for school. It would provide our children with the toiletries they need to keep themselves clean and healthy. It would provide us caregivers with gasoline for our cars, so that we can transport our children to and from school and take them on excursions on their days off. It would also provide us with the means to take them to the hospital when they fall ill and to ensure that they get the medical care and the medication they need. It would provide electricity for the children’s rooms, for our class room, for our kitchen, and for our dining hall. The electricity would also provide us with a link to the outside world through telephones and the Internet, making sure that we stay connected. The list is long and we have most likely forgotten lots of things.

Many thanks to all of you who support us. Please stop by to visit us and the children if you ever come to Phuket.

Sussi and Hans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                source  Happychild                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Barnhem Muang Mai /Happychild

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